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Hi, I'm Zoe —
photographer, writer, budding homesteader and cat mom.

Oh, and also an ambivert, Enneagram Type 6, lemonade connoisseur, avid reader and climber of rocks and trees. 

I've always been a storyteller. As a child, I fell in love with a pen and paper, documenting our family travels with humor and writing short stories on my family's Dell. But when I picked up my family's point-and-shoot for the first time, I was hooked. My sprawling yard became the backdrop for a new kind of storytelling, and my love of nature became intertwined with this creative outlet.

As I grew older, I turned my observations to people. I brought my camera along everywhere, pestering my friends with the constant snap of my shutter. I moved 2,000 miles away to university, where I studied journalism and English literature — taking my penchant for people and stories into a new form and developing different ways to know and understand perfect strangers.

And then I fell in love with an extraordinary guy and discovered a side of me entranced by writing about and capturing the great love stories of the people around me.

I graduated university at the precipice of a global pandemic, and in that uncertainty I found my path. The process of pursuing this passion has been markedly different from anything that came before. I am no longer lost, chasing after other people's dreams or expectations. Every time I pull out my camera, I am awe-struck and inspired by the humans on the other side of my lens.
Looking into their eyes, it's impossibly clear: my only job now is to document their story with intention and care. And that's a freakin' awesome responsibility.

My story begins before I was born, and will continue long after.

Born and raised in rural Minnesota, my childhood was tied to cherry blossom trees and old family photographs. I've savored the bits and pieces of my history that have been passed down to me, from my great grandfather's film camera to the pressed leaves he left in poetry books. Photography called to me because it gave me a chance to be a part of creating these mementos. Instead of watching life unfold, I could capture it and hold these artifacts close. My life changed the moment I realized I could do this for others.

things i love

waking up early (though I rarely do)
mashed potatoes
long road trips to new places
watching the sunrise over the ocean
echinacea tea
bonfires with friends
antique stores + yard sales

The TL;DR version


Born with chubby cheeks and a penchant for all things nature


A constant bother at all middle school sleep-overs, my point and shoot never left my side


Graduated from college with degrees in English literature and journalism. Immediately did a 180 amidst the pandemic to pursue my true passion

photos by Emma Melin Photography


We believe in minimalism, heart, soul and timeless

content with a story.

You should know

I'm just me. A sometimes anxious, slightly messy, often hungry, kinda clumsy human who just wants to get to know you. The real you.

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Zoe is professional, adventurous and delivered beyond our expectations! 

— Jolene roth

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